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Journal Article
Li, P.; Fleischhauer, L.; Nicolae, C.; Prein, C.; Farkas, Z.; Saller, M. M.; Prall, W. C.; Wagener, R.; Heilig, J.; Niehoff, A. et al.; Clausen-Schaumann, H.; Alberton, P.; Aszodi, A.: Mice Lacking the Matrilin Family of Extracellular Matrix Proteins Develop Mild Skeletal Abnormalities and Are Susceptible to Age-Associated Osteoarthritis. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 21 (2), 666 (2020)
Journal Article
Uckelmann, H.; Blaszkiewicz, S.; Nicolae, C.; Haas, S.; Schnell, A.; Wurzer, S.; Wagener, R.; Aszodi, A.; Essers, M. A. G.: Extracellular matrix protein Matrilin-4 regulates stress-induced HSC proliferation via CXCR4. Journal of Experimental Medicine 213 (10), pp. 1961 - 1971 (2016)
Journal Article
Nicolae, C.; Ko, Y. P.; Miosge, N.; Niehoff, A.; Studer, D.; Enggist, L.; Hunziker, E. B.; Paulsson, M.; Wagener, R.; Aszodi, A.: Abnormal collagen fibrils in cartilage of matrilin-1/matrilin-3-deficient mice. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (30), pp. 22163 - 22175 (2007)
Journal Article
Aszodi, A.; Nicolae, C.; Raducanu, A.; Grashoff, C.; Fässler, R.: The role of chondrocyte-matrix attachment complexes in skeletal development. FEBS Journal 272 (Suppl. Suppl. 1), p. 264 - 264 (2005)
Journal Article
Nicolae, C.; Raducanu, A.; Brakebusch, C.; Aszodi, A.: The role of Cdc42 in skeletal development. FEBS Journal 272 (Suppl. Suppl. 1), p. 326 - 326 (2005)
Journal Article
Bengtsson, T.; Aszodi, A.; Nicolae, C.; Hunziker, E. B.; Lundgren-Akerlund, E.; Fässler, R.: Loss of alpha 10 beta 1 integrin expression leads to moderate dysfunction of growth plate chondrocytes. Journal of Cell Science 118 (5), pp. 929 - 936 (2005)
Journal Article
Mates, L.; Nicolae, C.; Morgelin, M.; Deak, F.; Kiss, I.; Aszodi, A.: Mice lacking the extracellular matrix adaptor protein matrilin-2 develop without obvious abnormalities. Matrix Biology 23 (3), pp. 195 - 204 (2004)
Journal Article
Ko, Y. P.; Kobbe, B.; Nicolae, C.; Miosge, N.; Paulsson, M.; Wagener, R.; Aszodi, A.: Matrilin-3 is dispensable for mouse skeletal growth and development. Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 (4), pp. 1691 - 1699 (2004)
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