Publications of Georgina P. Colo

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Journal Article
Colo, G. P.; Seiwert, A.; Haga, R. B.: Lfc subcellular localization and activity is controlled by alphav-class integrin. Journal of Cell Science 136 (9), jcs260740 (2023)
Journal Article
Ringer, P.; Colo, G.; Fässler, R.; Grashoff, C.: Sensing the mechano-chemical properties of the extracellular matrix. Matrix Biology 64, pp. 6 - 16 (2017)
Journal Article
Bharadwaj, M.; Strohmeyer, N.; Colo, G. P.; Helenius, J.; Beerenwinkel, N.; Schiller, H. B.; Fässler, R.; Müller, D. J.: αV-class integrins exert dual roles on α5β1 integrins to strengthen adhesion to fibronectin. Nature Communications 8, 14348 (2017)
Journal Article
Cerikan, B.; Shaheen, R.; Colo, G. P.; Glaesser, C.; Hata, S.; Knobeloch, K.-P.; Alkuraya, F. S.; Faessler, R.; Schiebel, E.: Cell-Intrinsic Adaptation Arising from Chronic Ablation of a Key Rho GTPase Regulator. Developmental Cell 39 (1), pp. 28 - 43 (2016)
Journal Article
Hermann, M.-R.; Jakobson, M.; Colo, G. P.; Rognoni, E.; Jakobson, M.; Kupatt, C.; Posern, G.; Fässler, R.: Integrins synergise to induce expression of the MRTF-A-SRF target gene ISG15 for promoting cancer cell invasion. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 129 (7), pp. 1391 - 1403 (2016)
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