Journal Article (25)

Journal Article
Noble, J. M.; Lubieniecki, J.; Savitzky, B. H.; Plitzko, J.; Engelhardt, H.; Baumeister, W.; Kourkoutis, L. F.: Connectivity of centermost chromatophores in Rhodobacter sphaeroides bacteria. Molecular Microbiology 109 (6), pp. 812 - 825 (2018)
Journal Article
Schubert, D.; Klein, M.-C.; Hassdenteufel, S.; Caballero-Oteyza, A.; Yang, L.; Proietti, M.; Bulashevska, A.; Kemming, J.; Kuehn, J.; Winzer, S. et al.; Rusch, S.; Fliegauf, M.; Schaffer, A. A.; Pfeffer, S.; Geiger, R.; Cavalie, A.; Cao, H.; Yang, F.; Li, Y.; Rizzi, M.; Eibel, H.; Kobbe, R.; Marks, A. L.; Peppers, B. P.; Hostoffer, R. W.; Puck, J. M.; Zimmermann, R.; Grimbacher, B.: Plasma cell deficiency in human subjects with heterozygous mutations in Sec61 translocon alpha 1 subunit (SEC61A1). Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 141 (4), pp. 1427 - 1438 (2018)
Journal Article
Sigmund, F.; Massner, C.; Erdmann, P.; Stelzl, A.; Rolbieski, H.; Desai, M.; Bricault, S.; Woerner, T. P.; Snijder, J.; Geerlof, A. et al.; Fuchs, H.; de Angelis, M. H.; Heck, A. J. R.; Jasanoff, A.; Ntziachristos, V.; Plitzko, J.; Westmeyer, G. G.: Bacterial encapsulins as orthogonal compartments for mammalian cell engineering. Nature Communications 9, 1990 (2018)
Journal Article
Uebe, R.; Keren-Khadmy, N.; Zeytuni, N.; Katzmann, E.; Navon, Y.; Davidov, G.; Bitton, R.; Plitzko, J. M.; Schueler, D.; Zarivach, R.: The dual role of MamB in magnetosome membrane assembly and magnetite biomineralization. Molecular Microbiology 107 (4), pp. 542 - 557 (2018)
Journal Article
von Loeffelholz, O.; Papai, G.; Danev, R.; Myasnikov, A. G.; Natchiar, S. K.; Hazemann, I.; Menetret, J.-F.; Klaholz, B. P.: Volta phase plate data collection facilitates image processing and cryo-EM structure determination. Journal of Structural Biology 202 (3), pp. 191 - 199 (2018)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Engelhardt, H.; Bollschweiler, D.: Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Extremely Halophilic Microbes. In: Microbiology of Atypical Environments, pp. 323 - 354 (Eds. Gurtler, V.; Trevors, J. T.). Academic Press (2018)
Book Chapter
Fernandez-Busnadiego, R.: Cryo-Electron Tomography of the Mammalian Synapse. In: Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis, pp. 217 - 224 (Ed. Swan, L.). Humana Press, New York, NY (2018)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Zhao, Y.; Zeng, X.; Guo, Q.; Xu, M.: An integration of fast alignment and maximum-likelihood methods for electron subtomogram averaging and classification. 26th Annual Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), Chicago, IL, July 06, 2018 - July 10, 2018. Bioinformatics 34 (13), pp. i227 - i236 (2018)
Conference Paper
Zhou, B.; Guo, Q.; Wang, K.; Zeng, X.; Gao, X.; Xu, M.: Feature Decomposition Based Saliency Detection in Electron Cryo-Tomograms. In: 2018 IEEE International Conference onBioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM): proceedings, pp. 2467 - 2473. IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), Madrid, SPAIN, December 03, 2018 - December 06, 2018. IEEE (2018)

Meeting Abstract (2)

Meeting Abstract
Di Palma, F.; Ramaswamy, V. K.; Daino, G.; Frau, A.; Corona, A.; Zinzula, L.; Tramontano, E.; Ruggerone, P.; Vargiu, A.: Insights into Ebola VP35 oligomerization from molecular simulations. In Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 255, 356. 255th National Meeting and Exposition of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS) - Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water, New Orleans, LA, March 18, 2018 - March 22, 2018. (2018)
Meeting Abstract
Kochanek, S.; Huang, B.; Seefelder, M.; Engler, T.; Cheng, J.; Baumeister, W.; Guo, Q.; Fernandez-Busnadiego, R.: The cryo-electron microscopy structure of huntingtin. In Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 89 (Suppl 1), p. A5 - A5. Plenary Meeting of the European-Huntington's-Disease-Network (EHDN), Vienna, AUSTRIA, 2018. BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP (2018)

Thesis - PhD (5)

Thesis - PhD
Laugks, U.: Structural analysis of short-term release facilitation in synaptosomes and synapses. Dissertation, TUM, Fakultät für Chemie, München (2018)
Thesis - PhD
Kämmerer, S.: Prospects for visual proteomics using in situ cryo-electron tomography. Dissertation, Technische Universität, München (2018)
Thesis - PhD
Bäuerlein, F. J. B.: In Situ Architecture and Cellular Interactions of PolyQ Inclusions. Dissertation, Technische Universität, Fakultät für Physik, München (2018)
Thesis - PhD
Khoshouei, M.: Development and applications of new phase contrast methods for TEM. Dissertation, TUM, München (2018)
Thesis - PhD
Schäfer, T.: Correlative cryo-electron tomography studies of artificial beta-protein aggregates in mammalian cells. Dissertation, TUM, München (2018)

Thesis - Master (2)

Thesis - Master
Movileanu, V.: Determination and optimization of practical factors influencing the performance of the Volta phase plate for cryo EM by modeling and simulation. Master, TUM, München (2018)
Thesis - Master
Meyer Zum Alten Borgloh, J.: Inferring structures bound tot he ER-membrane. Master, LMU, München (2018)
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