Nishu Kanwa

Nishu Kanwa


After studying chemistry for her Bachelor’s and master’s degree at Miranda House College (New Delhi), Nishu obtained her PhD in Physical Chemistry from IIT Indore in India. During her PhD, she studied lipid membranes and their biophysical properties. In 2021, she joined the lab of Petra Schwille where her current research is driven towards membrane biophysics and cell-mimetic membrane compartments (lipid rafts) in vitro to understand their relevance in cellular functions.


Research Interests

Membrane biophysics, lipid rafts, membrane-protein interactions, DNA origami



Kanwa, N., Gavrilovic, S., Brüggenthies, G.A., Qutbuddin, Y., Schwille, P.
Inducing Lipid Domains in Membranes by Self-Assembly of DNA Origami
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Urease Activity in Pigeon Pea Seeds.
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Kanwa N., M. K., Chakraborty A.
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Kanwa N., De S. K., Maity A., Chakraborty A.
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Kanwa N., Patnaik A., De S. K., Ahamed M., Chakraborty A.
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Kanti De S., Kanwa N., Ahamed M., Chakraborty A.
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Kanwa N., Dey S. K., Adhikari C., Chakraborty A.
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