Henry Zivkovic

Henry Zivkovic

PhD Student

After having completed my BSc in France at Université Claude Bernard Lyon, I studied a MSc’s in Biochemistry at the University of Geneva. There, I joined Aurélien Roux’s lab for a one-year thesis studying the molecular dynamics and interactions of ESCRT proteins with biomembranes in vitro. After this I joined Petra Schwille’s lab to pursue working with molecular machines and biophysical tools. I am currently reconstituting the first minimal ESCRT-III machinery. In eukaryotes, these proteins are necessary for cytokinetic abscission, cargo trafficking, viral budding and other major membrane dependent processes. Functional characterisation and control of this complex in vitro may therefore be a great advance for synthetic biology and the mechanistic understanding of this highly conserved complex.


Research Interests

ESCRT Proteins, (synthetic) Cell Division, Cryo-EM, Bottom-Up Synthetic Biology



Pfitzner, A.K., Zivkovic, H., Humbert, F., Roux, A
Vps60 initiates formation of alternative membrane-bound ESCRT-III filaments
bioRxiv (2022) https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.02.16.480668


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