Research Interests

Cryo EM, In situ Cryo Electron Tomography, Cytoskeleton, Actin and Myosin, cell division

Education & Research Experience

Since 2016 PhD student (Chemistry), MPI of Biochemistry, AG Schwille
2013 - 2015         M.Sc. in Molecular Biomedicine, University of Münster
Master project, MPI of Biochemistry, AG Baumeister, 2014-2015
“Structural analysis of polysomes with Cryo Electron Tomography”
2010 - 2013 B.Sc. in Medical Biology, University of Duisburg-Essen
Bachelor Project, MPI for Molecular Physiology, AG Bastiaens
“Development of an intramolecular FRET-sensor for the receptor tyrosinkinase cMet”


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