Publications of B. Verdoodt

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Journal Article
Jung, P.; Verdoodt, B.; Bailey, A.; Yates, J. R.; Menssen, A.; Hermeking, H.: Induction of Cullin 7 by DNA damage attenuates p53 function. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104 (27), pp. 11388 - 11393 (2007)
Journal Article
Tarasov, V.; Jung, P.; Verdoodt, B.; Lodygin, D.; Epanchintsev, A.; Menssen, A.; Meister, G.; Hermeking, H.: Differential regulation of microRNAs by p53 revealed by massively parallel Sequencing - miR-34a is a p53 target that induces apoptosis and G(1)-arrest. Cell Cycle 6 (13), pp. 1586 - 1593 (2007)
Journal Article
Menssen, A.; Epanchintsev, A.; Lodygin, D.; Rezaei, N.; Jung, P.; Verdoodt, B.; Diebold, J.; Hermeking, H.: c-MYC delays prometaphase by direct transactivation of MAD2 and BubR1. Cell Cycle 6 (3), pp. 339 - 352 (2007)
Journal Article
Koch, H. B.; Zhang, R.; Verdoodt, B.; Bailey, A.; Zhang, C. D.; Yates, J. R.; Menssen, A.; Hermeking, H.: Large-scale identification of c-MYC-associated proteins using a combined TAP/MudPIT approach. Cell Cycle 6 (2), pp. 205 - 217 (2007)
Journal Article
Verdoodt, B.; Benzinger, A.; Popowicz, G. M.; Holak, T. A.; Hermeking, H.: Characterization of 14-3-3sigma dimerization determinants. Cell Cycle 5 (24), pp. 2920 - 2926 (2006)
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