Publications of Sabine Suppmann

Journal Article (8)

Journal Article
Peleg, Y.; Vincentelli, R.; Collins, B. M.; Chen, K.-E.; Livingstone, E. K.; Weeratunga, S.; Leneva, N.; Guo, Q.; Remans, K.; Perez, K. et al.; Bjerga, G. E. K.; Larsen, O.; Vanek, O.; Skorepa, O.; Jacquemin, S.; Poterszman, A.; Kjaer, S.; Christodoulou, E.; Albeck, S.; Dym, O.; Ainbinder, E.; Unger, T.; Schuetz, A.; Matthes, S.; Bader, M.; de Marco, A.; Storici, P.; Semrau, M. S.; Stolt-Bergner, P.; Aigner, C.; Suppmann, S.; Goldenzweig, A.; Fleishman, S. J.: Community-Wide Experimental Evaluation of the PROSS Stability-Design Method. Journal of Molecular Biology 433 (13), 166964 (2021)
Journal Article
Zeitler, L.; Fiore, A.; Meyer, C.; Russier, M.; Zanella, G.; Suppmann, S.; Gargaro, M.; Sidhu, S. S.; Seshagiri, S.; Ohnmacht, C. et al.; Kocher, T.; Fallarino, F.; Linkermann, A.; Murray, P. J.: Anti-ferroptotic mechanism of IL4i1-mediated amino acid metabolism. eLife 10, e64806 (2021)
Journal Article
Stolt-Bergner, P.; Benda, C.; Bergbrede, T.; Besir, H.; Celie, P. H.N.; Chang, C.; Drechsel, D.; Fischer, A.; Geerlof, A.; Giabbai, B. et al.; van den Heuvel, J.; Huber, G.; Knecht, W.; Lehner, A.; Lemaitre, R.; Nordén, K.; Pardee, G.; Racke, I.; Remans, K.; Sander, A.; Scholz, J.; Stadnik, M.; Storici, P.; Weinbruch, D.; Zaror, I.; Lua, L. H.L.; Suppmann, S.: Baculovirus-driven protein expression in insect cells: A benchmarking study. Journal of Structural Biology 203 (2), pp. 71 - 80 (2018)
Journal Article
Scholz, J.; Suppmann, S.: A new single-step protocol for rapid baculovirus-driven protein production in insect cells. BMC Biotechnology 17, 83 (2017)
Journal Article
Scholz, J.; Suppmann, S.: A re-usable wave bioreactor for protein production in insect cells. MethodsX 3, pp. 497 - 501 (2016)
Journal Article
Scholz, J.; Besir, H.; Strasser, C.; Suppmann, S.: A new method to customize protein expression vectors for fast, efficient and background free parallel cloning. BMC BIOTECHNOLOGY 13, 12 (2013)
Journal Article
Franke, C.; Suppmann, S.: Monitoring Protein Fate during Purification with the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. BioTechniques 50 (5), pp. 333 - 335 (2011)
Journal Article
Buckle, A. M.; Bate, M. A.; Androulakis, S.; Cinquanta, M.; Basquin, J.; Bonneau, F.; Chatterjee, D. K.; Cittaro, D.; Graslund, S.; Gruszka, A. et al.; Page, R.; Suppmann, S.; Wheeler, J. X.; Agostini, D.; Taussig, M.; Taylor, C. F.; Bottomley, S. P.; Villaverde, A.; de Marco, A.: Recombinant protein quality evaluation: proposal for a minimal information standard. Standards in Genomic Sciences 5 (2), pp. 195 - 197 (2011)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Scholz, J.; Suppmann, S.: Chapter Eight - A fast-track protocol for protein expression using the BEV system. In: Recombinant Protein Expression: Eukaryotic Hosts, pp. 171 - 190 (Eds. O’Dell, W. B.; Kelman, Z.). Academic Pr, London (2021)
Book Chapter
Suppmann, S.: Chapter Fifteen - Inducible protein expression in piggyBac transposase mediated stable HEK293 cell pools. In: Recombinant Protein Expression: Eukaryotic Hosts, pp. 321 - 339 (Eds. O’Dell, W. B.; Kelman, Z.). Academic Pr, London (2021)
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