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Journal Article
Azim, M. K.; Goehring, W.; Song, H. K.; Ramachandran, R.; Bochtler, M.; Goettig, P.: Characterization of the Hs1U chaperone affinity for Hs1V protease. Protein Science 14 (5), pp. 1357 - 1362 (2005)
Journal Article
Song, H. K.; Bochtler, M.; Azim, M. K.; Hartmann, C.; Huber, R.; Ramachandran, R.: Isolation and characterization of the prokaryotic proteasome homolog HslVU (ClpQY) from Thermotoga maritima and the crystal structure of HslV. Biophysical Chemistry 100 (1-3 Sp. Iss. SI), pp. 437 - 452 (2003)
Journal Article
Ramachandran, R.; Hartmann, C.; Song, H. K.; Huber, R.; Bochtler, M.: Functional interactions of HslV (ClpQ) with the ATPase HslU (ClpY). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99 (11), pp. 7396 - 7401 (2002)
Journal Article
Song, H. K.; Mulrooney, S. B.; Huber, R.; Hausinger, R. P.: Crystal structure of Klebsiella aerogenes UreE, a nickel- binding metallochaperone for urease activation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (52), pp. 49359 - 49364 (2001)
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