Publications of M. Reif

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Journal Article
Milbradt, A. G.; Löweneck, M.; Krupka, S. S.; Reif, M.; Sinner, E. K.; Moroder, L.; Renner, C.: Photomodulation of conformational states. IV. Integrin-binding RGD-peptides with (4-aminomethyl)phenylazobenzoic acid as backbone constituent. Biopolymers 77 (5), pp. 304 - 313 (2005)
Journal Article
Schütt, M.; Milbradt, A. G.; Reif, M.; Moroder, L.; Renner, C.: Light-induced two-state structural transition of a cyclic PDI-related azobenzene-peptide. Biopolymers 71 (3), p. 332 - 332 (2003)
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