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Journal Article
Ammon, T.; Mishra, S. K.; Kowalska, K.; Popowicz, G. M.; Holak, T. A.; Jentsch, S.: The conserved ubiquitin-like protein Hub1 plays a critical role in splicing in human cells. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 6 (4), pp. 312 - 323 (2014)
Journal Article
Mishra, S. K.; Ammon, T.; Popowicz, G. M.; Krajewski, M.; Nagel, R. J.; Ares, M.; Holak, T. A.; Jentsch, S.: Role of the ubiquitin-like protein Hub1 in splice-site usage and alternative splicing. Nature 474 (7350), pp. 173 - 178 (2011)
Journal Article
Baniwal, S. K.; Bharti, K.; Chan, K. Y.; Fauth, M.; Ganguli, A.; Kotak, S.; Mishra, S. K.; Nover, L.; Port, M.; Scharf, K. D. et al.; Tripp, J.; Weber, C.; Zielinski, D.; von Koskull-Doring, P.: Heat stress response in plants: a complex game with chaperones and more than twenty heat stress transcription factors. Journal of Biosciences 29 (4), pp. 471 - 487 (2004)
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