Publications of M. K. Koch

Journal Article (9)

Journal Article
Koch, M. K.; Staudinger, W. F.; Siedler, F.; Oesterhelt, D.: Physiological sites of deamidation and methyl esterification in sensory transducers of Halobacterium salinarum. Journal of Molecular Biology 380 (2), pp. 285 - 302 (2008)
Journal Article
Kabosova, A.; Azar, D. T.; Bannikov, G. A.; Campbell, K. P.; Durbeej, M.; Ghohestani, R. F.; Jones, J. C. R.; Kenney, M. C.; Koch, M.; Ninomiya, Y. et al.; Patton, B. L.; Paulsson, M.; Sado, Y.; Sage, E. H.; Sasaki, T.; Sorokin, L. M.; Steiner-Champliaud, M. F.; Sun, T. T.; SundarRaj, N.; Timpl, R.; Virtanen, I.; Ljubimov, A. V.: Compositional differences between infant and adult human corneal basement membranes. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 48 (11), pp. 4989 - 4999 (2007)
Journal Article
Heinemann, I. U.; Diekmann, N.; Masoumi, A.; Koch, M.; Messerschmidt, A.; Jahn, M.; Jahn, D.: Functional definition of the tobacco protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase substrate-binding site. Biochemical Journal 402, pp. 575 - 580 (2007)
Journal Article
Drumea-Mirancea, M.; Wessels, J. T.; Muller, C. A.; Essl, M.; Eble, J. A.; Tolosa, E.; Koch, M.; Reinhardt, D. P.; Sixt, M.; Sorokin, L. et al.; Stierhof, Y. D.; Schwarz, H.; Klein, G.: Characterization of a conduit system containing laminin-5 in the human thymus: a potential transport system for small molecules. Journal of Cell Science 119 (7), pp. 1396 - 1405 (2006)
Journal Article
Koch, M. K.; Oesterhelt, D.: MpcT is the transducer for membrane potential changes in Halobacterium salinarum. Molecular Microbiology 55 (6), pp. 1681 - 1694 (2005)
Journal Article
Koch, M.; Velarde, M.; Harrison, M. D.; Echt, S.; Fischer, M.; Messerschmidt, A.; Dennison, C.: Crystal structures of oxidized and reduced stellacyanin from horseradish roots. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (1), pp. 158 - 166 (2005)
Journal Article
Koch, M.; Breithaupt, C.; Gerhardt, S.; Weber, S.; Cushman, M.; Huber, R.; Bacher, A.; Fischer, M.: Structural basis of charge transfer complex formation by riboflavin bound to 6,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine synthase. European Journal of Biochemistry 271 (15), pp. 3208 - 3214 (2004)
Journal Article
Koch, M.; Breithaupt, C.; Kiefersauer, R.; Freigang, J.; Huber, R.; Messerschmidt, A.: Crystal structure of protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase: a key enzyme in haem and chlorophyll biosynthesis. EMBO Journal 23 (8), pp. 1720 - 1728 (2004)
Journal Article
Rattenholl, A.; Pappano, W. N.; Koch, M.; Keene, D. R.; Kadler, K. E.; Sasaki, T.; Timpl, R.; Burgeson, R. E.; Greenspan, D. S.; Bruckner-Tuderman, L.: Proteinases of the bone morphogenetic protein-1 family convert procollagen VII to mature anchoring fibril collagen. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (29), pp. 26372 - 26378 (2002)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Koch, M.: Investigation on halobacterial transducers with respect to membrane potential sensing and adaptive methylation. Dissertation, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München (2005)
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