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Journal Article
Goettig, P.; Brandstetter, H.; Groll, M.; Göhring, W.; Konarev, P. V.; Svergun, D. I.; Huber, R.; Kim, J. S.: X-ray snapshots of peptide processing in mutants of tricorn-interacting factor F1 from Thermoplasma acidophilum. Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (39), pp. 33387 - 33396 (2005)
Journal Article
Kim, J. S.; Kluskens, L. D.; de Vos, W. M.; Huber, R.; van der Oost, J.: Crystal structure of fervidolysin from Fervidobacterium pennivorans, a keratinolytic enzyme related to subtilisin. Journal of Molecular Biology 335 (3), pp. 787 - 797 (2004)
Journal Article
Bae, J. H.; Rubini, M.; Jung, G.; Wiegand, G.; Seifert, M. H. J.; Azim, M. K.; Kim, J. S.; Zumbusch, A.; Holak, T. A.; Moroder, L. et al.; Huber, R.; Budisa, N.: Expansion of the genetic code enables design of a novel "gold'' class of green fluorescent proteins. Journal of Molecular Biology 328 (5), pp. 1071 - 1081 (2003)
Journal Article
Kim, J. S.; Groll, M.; Musiol, H.-J.; Behrendt, R.; Kaiser, M.; Moroder, L.; Huber, R.; Brandstetter, H.: Navigation inside a protease: Substrate selection and product exit in the tricorn protease from Thermoplasma acidophilum. Journal of Molecular Biology 324 (5), pp. 1041 - 1050 (2002)
Journal Article
Goettig, P.; Groll, M.; Kim, J. S.; Huber, R.; Brandstetter, H.: Structures of the tricorn-interacting aminopeptidase F1 with different ligands explain its catalytic mechanism. EMBO Journal 21 (20), pp. 5343 - 5352 (2002)
Journal Article
Brandstetter, H.; Kim, J. S.; Groll, M.; Göttig, P.; Huber, R.: Structural basis for the processive protein degradation by tricorn protease. Biological Chemistry 383 (7-8), pp. 1157 - 1165 (2002)
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