Publications of U. Jacob

Journal Article (15)

Journal Article
Seemann, K. M.; Kiefersauer, R.; Jacob, U.; Kuhn, B.: Optical pH Detection within a Protein Crystal. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (33), pp. 9873 - 9881 (2012)
Journal Article
Breithaupt, C.; Schafer, B.; Pellkofer, H.; Huber, R.; Linington, C.; Jacob, U.: Demyelinating myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein-specific autoantibody response is focused on one dominant conformational epitope region in rodents. Journal of Immunology 181 (2), pp. 1255 - 1263 (2008)
Journal Article
Steiner, T.; Lamerz, A.C.; Hess, P.; Breithaupt, C.; Krapp, S.; Bourenkov, G.; Huber, R.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.; Jacob, U.: Open and Closed Structures of the UDP-glucose Pyrophosphorylase from Leishmania major. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (17), pp. 13003 - 13010 (2007)
Journal Article
Kyrieleis, O. J. P.; Huber, R.; Ong, E.; Oehler, R.; Hunter, M.; Madison, E. L.; Jacob, U.: Crystal structure of the catalytic domain of DESC1, a new member of the type II transmembrane serine proteinase family. FEBS Journal 274 (8), pp. 2148 - 2160 (2007)
Journal Article
Schaefer, B.; Pellkofer, H.; Breithaupt, C.; Huber, R.; Jacob, U.: Targeting Fcgamma receptors in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Clinical Immunology 119 (Suppl. Suppl. S), pp. S115 - S116 (2006)
Journal Article
Zeslawska, E.; Jacob, U.; Sturzebecher, J.; Oleksyn, B. J.: The crystal structures of 3-TAPAP in complexes with the urokinase-type plasminogen activator and picrate. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 16 (1), pp. 228 - 234 (2006)
Journal Article
Munster-Kuhnel, A. K.; Tiralongo, J.; Krapp, S.; Weinhold, B.; Ritz-Sedlacek, V.; Jacob, U.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.: Structure and function of vertebrate CMP-sialic acid synthetases. Glycobiology 14 (10), pp. 43R - 51R (2004)
Journal Article
Breithaupt, C.; Schubart, A.; Zander, H.; Skerra, A.; Linington, C.; Huber, R.; Jacob, U.: Structural insights into the multiple sclerosis autoantigen myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein and its complex with a pathogenic autoantibody. Journal of Neuroimmunology 154 (1-2 Sp. Iss. Sp. Iss. SI), p. 94 - 94 (2004)
Journal Article
Schweinitz, A.; Steinmetzer, T.; Banke, I. J.; Arlt, M. J. E.; Sturzebecher, A.; Schuster, O.; Geissler, A.; Giersiefen, H.; Zeslawska, E.; Jacob, U. et al.; Kruger, A.; Sturzebecher, J.: Design of novel and selective inhibitors of urokinase-type plasminogen activator with improved pharmacokinetic properties for use as antimetastatic agents. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (32), pp. 33613 - 33622 (2004)
Journal Article
Krapp, S.; Munster-Kuhnel, A. K.; Kaiser, J. T.; Huber, R.; Tiralongo, J.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.; Jacob, U.: The crystal structure of murine CMP-5-N-acetylneuraminic acid synthetase. Journal of Molecular Biology 334 (4), pp. 625 - 637 (2003)
Journal Article
Breithaupt, C.; Schubart, A.; Zander, H.; Skerra, A.; Huber, R.; Linington, C.; Jacob, U.: Structural insights into the antigenicity of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 100 (16), pp. 9446 - 9451 (2003)
Journal Article
Wendt, K. S.; Schall, I.; Huber, R.; Buckel, W.; Jacob, U.: Crystal structure of the carboxyltransferase subunit of the bacterial sodium ion pump glutaconyl-coenzyme A decarboxylase. EMBO Journal 22 (14), pp. 3493 - 3502 (2003)
Journal Article
Zeslawska, E.; Jacob, U.; Schweinitz, A.; Coombs, G.; Bode, W.; Madison, E.: Crystals of urokinase type plasminogen activator complexes reveal the binding mode of peptidomimetic inhibitors. Journal of Molecular Biology 328 (1), pp. 109 - 118 (2003)
Journal Article
Gerardy-Schahn, R.; Tiralongo, J.; Krapp, S.; Weinhold, B.; Ritz, V.; Jacob, U.; Munster, A. K.: CMP-Neu5Ac-synthesis: why in the cell nucleus? FASEB Journal 17 (4 Suppl. S), p. A364 - A364 (2003)
Journal Article
Atzenhofer, W.; Regelsberger, G.; Jacob, U.; Peschek, G. A.; Furtmüller, P. G.; Huber, R.; Obinger, C.: The 2.0 angstrom resolution structure of the catalytic portion of a cyanobacterial membrane-bound manganese superoxide dismutase. Journal of Molecular Biology 321 (3), pp. 479 - 489 (2002)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

Thesis - Habilitation
Jacob, U.: Röntgenstrukturanalyse von Fc-Rezeptoren und Urokinasekomplexen. Habilitation, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München (2003)
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