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Weinmann, L.; Höck, J.; Ivacevic, T.; Ohrt, T.; Mutze, J.; Schwille, P.; Kremmer, E.; Benes, V.; Urlaub, H.; Meister, G.: Importin 8 Is a Gene Silencing Factor that Targets Argonaute Proteins to Distinct mRNAs. Cell 136 (3), pp. 496 - 507 (2009)
Journal Article
Ohrt, T.; Muetze, J.; Staroske, W.; Weinmann, L.; Höck, J.; Crell, K.; Meister, G.; Schwille, P.: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy reveal the cytoplasmic origination of loaded nuclear RISC in vivo in human cells. Nucleic Acids Research 36 (20), pp. 6439 - 6449 (2008)
Journal Article
Barth, S.; Pfuhl, T.; Mamiani, A.; Ehses, C.; Roemer, K.; Kremmer, E.; Jäker, C.; Höck, J.; Meister, G.; Grässer, F.: Epstein–Barr virus-encoded microRNA miR-BART2 down-regulates the viral DNA polymerase BALF5. Nucleic Acids Research 36 (2), pp. 666 - 675 (2008)
Journal Article
Höck, J.; Meister, G.: The Argonaute protein family. Genome Biology 9 (2), 210, pp. [1] - [8] (2008)
Journal Article
Hoeck, J.; Weinmann, L.; Ender, C.; Rudel, S.; Kremmer, E.; Raabe, M.; Urlaub, H.; Meister, G.: Proteomic and functional analysis of Argonaute-containing mRNA-protein complexes in human cells. EMBO Reports 8 (11), pp. 1052 - 1060 (2007)
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