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Renner, C.; Fiori, S.; Fiorino, F.; Landgraf, D.; Deluca, D.; Mentler, M.; Grantner, K.; Parak, F. G.; Kretzschmar, H.; Moroder, L.: Micellar environments induce structuring of the N-terminal tail of the prion protein. Biopolymers 73 (4), pp. 421 - 433 (2004)
Journal Article
Deluca, D.; Woehlke, G.; Moroder, L.: Synthesis and conformational characterization of peptides related to the neck domain of a fungal kinesin. Journal of Peptide Science 9 (4), pp. 203 - 211 (2003)
Journal Article
Gil-Parrado, S.; Assfalg-Machleidt, I.; Fiorino, F.; Deluca, D.; Pfeiler, D.; Schaschke, N.; Moroder, L.; Machleidt, W.: Calpastatin exon 1B-derived peptide, a selective inhibitor of calpain: Enhancing cell permeability by conjugation with penetratin. Biological Chemistry 384 (3), pp. 395 - 402 (2003)
Journal Article
Schäfer, F.; Deluca, D.; Majdic, U.; Kirchner, J.; Schliwa, M.; Moroder, L.; Woehlke, G.: A conserved tyrosine in the neck of a fungal kinesin regulates the catalytic motor core. EMBO Journal 22 (3), pp. 450 - 458 (2003)
Journal Article
Schaschke, N.; Deluca, D.; Assfalg-Machleidt, I.; Höhneke, C.; Sommerhoff, C. P.; Machleidt, W.: Epoxysuccinyl peptide-derived cathepsin B inhibitors: Modulating membrane permeability by conjugation with the C- terminal heptapeptide segment of penetratin. Biological Chemistry 383 (5), pp. 849 - 852 (2002)
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