Publications of Felix Sandmeir

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Huang, J.; Liu, X.; Sun, Y.; Li, Z.; Lin, M.-H.; Hamilton, K.; Mandel, C. R.; Sandmeir, F.; Conti, E.; Oyala, P. H. et al.; Tong, L.: An examination of the metal ion content in the active sites of human endonucleases CPSF73 and INTS11. Journal of Biological Chemistry 299 (4), 103047 (2023)
Journal Article
Schmidt, M.; Kluge, F.; Sandmeir, F.; Kühn, U.; Schäfer, P.; Tüting, C.; Ihling, C.; Conti, E.; Wahle, E.: Reconstitution of 3′ end processing of mammalian pre-mRNA reveals a central role of RBBP6. Genes and Development 36, pp. 195 - 209 (2022)
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