Publications of Mahipal Ganji

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Journal Article
Ganji, M.; Schlichthaerle, T.; Eklund, A. S.; Strauss, S.; Jungmann, R.: Quantitative Assessment of Labeling Probes for Super-Resolution Microscopy Using Designer DNA Nanostructures. ChemPhysChem 22, pp. 911 - 914 (2021)
Journal Article
Schueder, F.; Unterauer, E. M.; Ganji, M.; Jungmann, R.: DNA‐Barcoded Fluorescence Microscopy for Spatial Omics. Proteomics 20 (23, SI), 1900368 (2020)
Journal Article
Eklund, A. S.; Ganji, M.; Gavins, G.; Seitz, O.; Jungmann, R.: Peptide-PAINT Super-Resolution Imaging Using Transient Coiled Coil Interactions. Nano Letters 20 (9), pp. 6732 - 6737 (2020)
Journal Article
Schlichthaerle, T.; Ganji, M.; Auer, A.; Wade, O. K.; Jungmann, R.: Bacterially Derived Antibody Binders as Small Adapters for DNA‐PAINT Microscopy. ChemBioChem: A European Journal of Chemical Biology 20 (8), pp. 1032 - 1038 (2019)
Journal Article
Elbatsh, A. M. O.; Kim, E.; Eeftens, J. M.; Raaijmakers, J. A.; van der Weide, R. H.; Garcia-Nieto, A.; Bravo, S.; Ganji, M.; de Bos, J. U.; Teunissen, H. et al.; Medema, R. H.; de Wit, E.; Haering, C. H.; Dekker, C.; Rowland, B. D.: Distinct Roles for Condensin's Two ATPase Sites in Chromosome Condensation. MOLECULAR CELL 76 (5), pp. 724 - 737.e5 (2019)
Journal Article
Wade, O. K.; Woehrstein, J. B.; Nickels, P. C.; Strauss, S.; Stehr, F.; Stein, J.; Schueder, F.; Strauss, M. T.; Ganji, M.; Schnitzbauer, J. et al.; Grabmayr, H.; Yin, P.; Schwille, P.; Jungmann, R.: 124-Color Super-resolution Imaging by Engineering DNA-PAINT Blinking Kinetics. Nano Letters 19 (4), pp. 2641 - 2646 (2019)
Journal Article
Kim, S. H.; Ganji, M.; Kim, E.; van der Torre, J.; Abbondanzieri, E.; Dekker, C.: DNA sequence encodes the position of DNA supercoils. eLife 7, e36557 (2018)
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