Publications of Andreas F.-P. Sonnen

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Journal Article
Sonnen, A. F.-P.; Plitzko, J. M.; Gilbert, R. J. C.: Incomplete pneumolysin oligomers form membrane pores. OPEN BIOLOGY 4 (4), [4:140044] (2014)
Journal Article
De Colibus, L.; Sonnen, A. F. P.; Morris, K. J.; Siebert, C. A.; Abrusci, P.; Plitzko, J.; Hodnik, V.; Leippe, M.; Volpi, E.; Anderluh, G. et al.; Gilbert, R. J. C.: Structures of Lysenin Reveal a Shared Evolutionary Origin for Pore-Forming Proteins And Its Mode of Sphingomyelin Recognition. Structure 20 (9), pp. 1498 - 1507 (2012)
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