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Bonneau, F.; Basquin, J.; Steigenberger, B.; Schäfer, T.; Schäfer, I. B.; Conti, E.: Nuclear mRNPs are compact particles packaged with a network of proteins promoting RNA–RNA interactions. Genes & Development 37, pp. 505 - 517 (2023)
Journal Article
Keidel, A.; Kögel, A.; Reichelt, P.; Kowalinski, E.; Schäfer, I. B.; Conti, E.: Concerted structural rearrangements enable RNA channeling into the cytoplasmic Ski238-Ski7-exosome assembly. Molecular Cell 83 (2023)
Journal Article
Mauxion, F.; Basquin, J.; Ozgur, S.; Rame, M.; Albrecht, J.; Schäfer, I.; Séraphin, B.; Conti, E.: The human CNOT1-CNOT10-CNOT11 complex forms a structural platform for protein-protein interactions. Cell Reports, 111902 (2022)
Journal Article
Xiong, X.; Blakely, A.; Kim, J. H.; Menting, J. G.; Schäfer, I. B.; Schubert, H. L.; Agrawal, R.; Gutmann, T.; Delaine, C.; Zhang, Y. W. et al.; Artik, G. O.; Merriman, A.; Eckert, D.; Lawrence, M. C.; Coskun, U.; Fisher, S. J.; Forbes, B. E.; Safavi-Hemami, H.; Hill, C. P.; Chou, D. H.-C.: Symmetric and asymmetric receptor conformation continuum induced by a new insulin. Nature Chemical Biology 18, pp. 511 - 519 (2022)
Journal Article
Taschner, M.; Basquin, J.; Steigenberger, B.; Schäfer, I. B.; Soh, Y.-M.; Basquin, C.; Lorentzen, E.; Raeschle, M.; Scheltema, R. A.; Gruber, S.: Nse5/6 inhibits the Smc5/6 ATPase and modulates DNA substrate binding. EMBO Journal 40, e107807 (2021)
Journal Article
Finogenova, K.; Bonnet, J.; Poepsel, S.; Schäfer, I. B.; Finkl, K.; Schmid, K.; Litz, C.; Strauss, M.; Benda, C.; Müller, J.: Structural basis for PRC2 decoding of active histone methylation marks H3K36me2/3. eLife 9, e61964 (2020)
Journal Article
Gutmann, T.; Schäfer, I. B.; Poojari, C.; Brankatschk, B.; Vattulainen, I.; Strauss, M.; Coskun, U.: Cryo-EM structure of the complete and ligand-saturated insulin receptor ectodomain. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 219 (1), e201907210 (2020)
Journal Article
Ali-Ahmad, A.; Bilokapic, S. A.; Schäfer, I. B.; Halic, M.; Sekulic, N.: CENP-C unwraps the human CENP-A nucleosome through the H2A C-terminal tail. EMBO REPORTS 20 (10), e48913 (2019)
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