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Eke, I.; Koch, U.; Hehlgans, S.; Sandfort, V.; Stanchi, F.; Zips, D.; Baumann, M.; Shevchenko, A.; Pilarsky, C.; Haase, M. et al.; Baretton, G. B.; Calleja, V.; Larijani, B.; Fässler, R.; Cordes, N.: PINCH1 regulates Akt1 activation and enhances radioresistance by inhibiting PP1 alpha. Journal of Clinical Investigation 120 (7), pp. 2516 - 2527 (2010)
Journal Article
Stanchi, F.; Grashoff, C.; Yonga, C. F. N.; Grall, D.; Fässler, R.; Van Obberghen-Schilling, E.: Molecular dissection of the ILK-PINCH-parvin triad reveals a fundamental role for the ILK kinase domain in the late stages of focal-adhesion maturation. Journal of Cell Science 122 (11), pp. 1800 - 1811 (2009)
Journal Article
Koch, U.; Eke, I.; Sandfort, V.; Zips, D.; Baumann, M.; Stanchi, F.; Cordes, N.: PINCH1 in-vitro and in-vivo: A new, essential modulator of the cellular radiation sensitivity. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 184 (Suppl. Suppl. 1), H3, pp. 5 - 6 (2008)
Journal Article
Stanchi, F.; Bordoy, R.; Kudlacek, O.; Braun, A.; Pfeifer, A.; Moser, M.; Fässler, R.: Consequences of loss of PINCH2 expression in mice. Journal of Cell Science 118 (24), pp. 5899 - 5910 (2005)
Journal Article
Li, S. H.; Bordoy, R.; Stanchi, F.; Moser, M.; Braun, A.; Kudlacek, O.; Wewer, U. M.; Yurchenco, P. D.; Fässler, R.: PINCH1 regulates cell-matrix and cell-cell adhesions, cell polarity and cell survival during the peri-implantation stage. Journal of Cell Science 118 (13), pp. 2913 - 2921 (2005)
Journal Article
Braun, A.; Bordoy, R.; Stanchi, F.; Moser, M.; Kostka, G.; Ehler, E.; Brandau, O.; Fässler, R.: PINCH2 is a new five LIM domain protein, homologous to PINCH and localized to focal adhesions. Experimental Cell Research 284 (2), pp. 239 - 248 (2003)
Journal Article
Brakebusch, C.; Bouvard, D.; Stanchi, F.; Saki, T.; Fässler, R.: Integrins in invasive growth. Journal of Clinical Investigation 109 (8), pp. 999 - 1006 (2002)
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