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Journal Article
Bader, B. L.; Smyth, N.; Nedbal, S.; Miosge, N.; Baranowsky, A.; Mokkapati, S.; Murshed, M.; Nischt, R.: Compound genetic ablation of nidogen 1 and 2 causes basement membrane defects and perinatal lethality in mice. Molecular and Cellular Biology 25 (15), pp. 6846 - 6856 (2005)
Journal Article
Schymeinsky, J.; Nedbal, S.; Miosge, N.; Poschl, E.; Rao, C.; Beier, D. R.; Skarnes, W. C.; Timpl, R.; Bader, B. L.: Gene structure and functional analysis of the mouse nidogen-2 gene: Nidogen-2 is not essential for basement membrane formation in mice. Molecular and Cellular Biology 22 (19), pp. 6820 - 6830 (2002)
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