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Journal Article
Dichtl, S.; Sanin, D. E.; Koss, C. K.; Willenborg, S.; Petzold, A.; Tanzer, M. C.; Dahl, A.; Kabat, A. M.; Lindenthal, L.; Zeitler, L. et al.; Satzinger, S.; Strasser, A.; Mann, M.; Roers, A.; Eming, S. A.; El Kasmi, K. C.; Pearce, E. J.; Murray, P. J.: Gene-selective transcription promotes the inhibition of tissue reparative macrophages by TNF. Life Science Alliance 5 (4), e202101315 (2022)
Journal Article
Dichtl, S.; Lindenthal, L.; Zeitler, L.; Behnke, K.; Schloesser, D.; Strobl, B.; Scheller, J.; El Kasmi, K. C.; Murray, P. J.: Lactate and IL6 define separable paths of inflammatory metabolic adaptation. Science Advances 7 (26), eabg3505 (2021)
Journal Article
Motamedi, M.; Lindenthal, L.; Wagner, A.; Kemper, M.; Moneer, J.; Steichele, M.; Klimovich, A.; Wittlieb, J.; Jenewein, M.; Boettger, A.: Apoptosis in Hydra: function of HyBcl-2 like 4 and proteins of the transmembrane BAX inhibitor motif (TMBIM) containing family. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 63 (6-7), pp. 259 - 270 (2019)
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