Publications of Stephanie Schumacher

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Journal Article
Schumacher, S.; Dedden, D.; Nunez, R. V.; Matoba, K.; Takagi, J.; Biertuempfel, C.; Mizuno, N.: Structural insights into integrin alpha(5)beta(1) opening by fibronectin ligand. Science Advances 7 (19), eabe9716 (2021)
Journal Article
Kelley, C. F.; Litschel, T.; Schumacher, S.; Dedden, D.; Schwille, P.; Mizuno, N.: Phosphoinositides regulate force-independent interactions between talin, vinculin, and actin. eLife 9, e56110 (2020)
Journal Article
Dedden, D.; Schumacher, S.; Kelley, C.; Zacharias, M.; Biertümpfel, C.; Fässler, R.; Mizuno, N.: The Architecture of Talin1 Reveals an Autoinhibition Mechanism. CELL 179 (1), pp. 120 - 131.e13 (2019)
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