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Journal Article
Liu, Z.; Gao, J.; Cui, Y.; Klumpe, S.; Xiang, Y.; Erdmann, P. S.; Jiang, L.: Membrane imaging in the plant endomembrane system. Plant Physiology 185 (3), pp. 562 - 576 (2021)
Journal Article
Klena, N.; Le Guennec, M.; Tassin, A.-M.; Van den Hoek, H.; Erdmann, P. S.; Schaffer, M.; Geimer, S.; Aeschlimann, G.; Kovacik, L.; Sadian, Y. et al.; Goldie, K. N.; Stahlberg, H.; Engel, B. D.; Hamel, V.; Guichard, P.: Architecture of the centriole cartwheel-containing region revealed by cryo-electron tomography. The EMBO Journal 39 (22), e106246 (2020)
Journal Article
Kuba, J.; Mitchels, J.; Hovorka, M.; Erdmann, P.; Berka, L.; Kirmse, R.; König, J.; De Bock, J.; Goetze, B.; Rigort, A.: Advanced cryo-tomography workflow developments - correlative microscopy, milling automation and cryo-lift-out. Journal of Microscopy (2020)
Journal Article
Le Guennec, M.; Klena, N.; Gambarotto, D.; Laporte, M. H.; Tassin, A.-M.; Van den Hoek, H.; Erdmann, P. S.; Schaffer, M.; Kovacik, L.; Borgers, S. et al.; Goldie, K. N.; Stahlberg, H.; Bornens, M.; Azimzadeh, J.; Engel, B. D.; Hamel, V.; Guichard, P.: A helical inner scaffold provides a structural basis for centriole cohesion. SCIENCE ADVANCES 6 (7), eaaz4137 (2020)
Journal Article
Wilfling, F.; Lee, C.-W.; Erdmann, P. S.; Zheng, Y.; Sherpa, D.; Jentsch, S.; Pfander, B.; Schulman, B. A.; Baumeister, W.: A Selective Autophagy Pathway for Phase-Separated Endocytic Protein Deposits. Molecular Cell 80 (5), pp. 764 - 778.e7 (2020)
Journal Article
Wong, L. E.; Bhatt, A.; Erdmann, P. S.; Hou, Z.; Maier, J.; Pirkuliyeva, S.; Engelke, M.; Becker, S.; Plitzko, J.; Wienands, J. et al.; Griesinger, C.: Tripartite phase separation of two signal effectors with vesicles priming B cell responsiveness. Nature Communications 11 (1), 848 (2020)
Journal Article
Erdmann, P. S.; Plitzko, J. M.; Baumeister, W.: Addressing cellular compartmentalization by in situ cryo-electron tomography. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 34, pp. 89 - 99 (2018)
Journal Article
Sigmund, F.; Massner, C.; Erdmann, P.; Stelzl, A.; Rolbieski, H.; Desai, M.; Bricault, S.; Woerner, T. P.; Snijder, J.; Geerlof, A. et al.; Fuchs, H.; de Angelis, M. H.; Heck, A. J. R.; Jasanoff, A.; Ntziachristos, V.; Plitzko, J.; Westmeyer, G. G.: Bacterial encapsulins as orthogonal compartments for mammalian cell engineering. Nature Communications 9, 1990 (2018)
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