Publications of Pietro Scaturro

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Hubel, P.; Urban, C.; Bergant, V.; Schneider, W. M.; Knauer, B.; Stukalov, A.; Scaturro, P.; Mann, A.; Brunotte, L.; Hoffmann, H. H. et al.; Schoggins, J. W.; Schwemmle, M.; Mann, M.; Rice, C. M.; Pichlmair, A.: A protein-interaction network of interferon-stimulated genes extends the innate immune system landscape. Nature Immunology 20 (4), pp. 493 - 502 (2019)
Journal Article
Scaturro, P.; Pichlmair, A.: Oxeiptosis-a cell death pathway to mitigate damage caused by radicals. Cell Death and Differentiation 25 (7), pp. 1191 - 1193 (2018)
Journal Article
Scaturro, P.; Stukalov, A.; Haas, D. A.; Cortese, M.; Draganova, K.; Plaszczyca, A.; Bartenschlager, R.; Goetz, M.; Pichlmair, A.: An orthogonal proteomic survey uncovers novel Zika virus host factors. Nature 561 (7722), pp. 253 - 257 (2018)
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