Publications of Hiba Ghura

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Rossnagl, S.; Ghura, H.; Groth, C.; Altrock, E.; Jakob, F.; Schott, S.; Wimberger, P.; Link, T.; Kuhlmann, J. D.; Stenzl, A. et al.; Hennenlotter, J.; Todenhoefer, T.; Rojewski, M.; Bieback, K.; Nakchbandi, I.: A Subpopulation of Stromal Cells Controls Cancer Cell Homing to the Bone Marrow. Cancer Research 78 (1), pp. 129 - 142 (2018)
Journal Article
Klemis, V.; Ghura, H.; Federico, G.; Wuerfel, C.; Bentmann, A.; Gretz, N.; Miyazaki, T.; Groene, H.-J.; Nakchband, I. A.: Circulating fibronectin contributes to mesangial expansion in a murine model of type 1 diabetes. Kidney International 91 (6), pp. 1374 - 1385 (2017)
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