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Journal Article
Kneissig, M.; Keuper, K.; de Pagter, M. S.; van Roosmalen, M. J.; Martin, J.; Otto, H.; Passerini, V.; Sparr, A. C.; Renkens, I.; Kropveld, F. et al.; Vasudevan, A.; Sheltzer, J. M.; Kloosterman, W. P.; Storchova, Z.: Micronuclei-based model system reveals functional consequences of chromothripsis in human cells. ELIFE 8, e50292 (2019)
Journal Article
Passerini, V.; Ozeri-Galai, E.; de Pagter, M. S.; Donnelly, N.; Schmalbrock, S.; Kloosterman, W. P.; Kerem, B.; Storchova, Z.: The presence of extra chromosomes leads to genomic instability. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7, 10754 (2016)
Journal Article
Donnelly, N.; Passerini, V.; Dürrbaum, M.; Stingele, S.; Storchova, Z.: HSF1 deficiency and impaired HSP90-dependent protein folding are hallmarks of aneuploid human cells. EMBO JOURNAL 33 (20), pp. 2374 - 2387 (2014)
Journal Article
Dürrbaum, M.; Kuznetsova, A. Y.; Passerini, V.; Stingele, S.; Stoehr, G.; Storchova, Z.: Unique features of the transcriptional response to model aneuploidy in human cells. BMC GENOMICS 15, 139 (2014)
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