Publications of Tobias Petzold

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Journal Article
Speicher, T.; Siegenthaler, B.; Bogorad, R. L.; Ruppert, R.; Petzold, T.; Padrissa-Altes, S.; Bachofner, M.; Anderson, D. G.; Koteliansky, V.; Fässler, R. et al.; Werner, S.: Knockdown and knockout of beta 1-integrin in hepatocytes impairs liver regeneration through inhibition of growth factor signalling. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5, 3862 (2014)
Journal Article
Petzold, T.; Ruppert, R.; Pandey, D.; Barocke, V.; Meyer, H.; Lorenz, M.; Zhang, L.; Siess, W.; Massberg, S.; Moser, M.: beta 1 integrin-mediated signals are required for platelet granule secretion and hemostasis in mouse. BLOOD 122 (15), pp. 2723 - 2731 (2013)
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