PhD Association

PhD Association

Currently, about 150 graduate students – coming from all over the world – are working at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried. The PhD Association is a network of these PhDs and promotes the interests of all its students. It was founded in 2001 and organizes many activities throughout the year. The PhD association works closely together with the IMPRS and the PostDoc association.

To broaden our scientific horizon, we organize each year a Seminar Series to which we invite leading scientists from all over the world.

In order to prepare ourselves for our “life after the PhD”, either in- or outside of the scientific community, we also regularly invite companies and institutes from different working areas. As part of the Careers for PhDs we to tell us about their field of work and the opportunities for us.

To broaden our professional and social competence, we furthermore offer different Soft Skill Workshops. The MPIB provides us with an annual budget to invite coaches and organize trainings specifically to our needs

To facilitate interaction among the students of the different departments we organize a yearly PhD Retreat at the Ringberg Castle and quarterly Get Together Parties.

We are also part of the PhDnet (link), the PhD association for all PhD students within the Max Planck Society. Each year we elect an external PhD representative who attends the annual PhDnet General Meeting representing the MPIB and electing the PhDnet Steering Group.

Graduate Committee



External Representative Johannes Stein 2357
Internal Representatives Johannes Stein 2357
Laura Burbaum 2372
Distinguished Lecture Series Karl-Uwe Reusswig 3048
Natalia Pacheco-Fernandez 2202
Verena Kanoldt 2413
Soft Skills Meera Phulphagar 2566
Sarah Scholze 2075
Careers for PhDs Alexander Reim 2402
Franziska Brüning 2402
Graduate Retreat Thomas Schlichthaerle 3413
Annika Frauenstein 2567
Rohit Agarwal 3066
Get Togethers Natalia Pacheco-Fernandez 2202
Finances Laura Lindenthal 2451
Web Content Management Jingyuan Cheng 2566
Departmental Spokespeople
Fässler Sandra Lemke 2478
Mann Alexander Reim 2402
Baumeister Markus Eisele 2231
Ulrike Lauks 2035
Conti Stephanie Schumacher 3445
Giulia Chiapparini
Schwille Philipp Glock 2314
Junior Groups Lisa Dempfle 3422
Thomas Schlichthärle 3413

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