02/02/22 Our recent grant proposal to reconstitute and manipulate double strand break repair was approved for funding by the German Research Council (DFG) - we are recruiting!!

12/01/22 Our new review on nucleosome remodelling and DNA double strand break repair is online. Very happy to be part of the Research Topic: "Protecting the Code: DNA Double-Strand Break Repair Pathway Choice".

11/01/21 Lorenzo Galanti successfully defended his PhD thesis today. Well done Dr. Galanti - go celebrate!!

09/12/21 The 11th Munich Chromatin Day is a virtual chromatin morning, but packed full of exciting science. Leo Karl presents his new insights into the Fun30/SMARCAD1 nucleosome remodeller.

01/12/21 Exciting news - Boris is now a member of CECAD.

01/10/21 Boris first day as professor of genome maintenance mechanisms in Cologne. Thankful and excited to join DLR and the genome stability community at the IGSAD. The lab will move soon, stay tuned.

01/09/21 Great to see a fantastic story by the Kurat lab out in Nature Communications. Very happy that Kalle and I could be part of this and help the project.

03/07/21 Martina Peritore was awarded by the MPIB with the 2021Junior Scientist Publication Award for her outstanding work on nucleosome remodelling at DNA double-strand breaks. Congratuliations, Martina, to this fantastic achievement.

01/03/21 We use a strand-specific ChIP-seq workflow to determine whether a protein binds - at sites of DNA double strand breaks - to ssDNA or dsDNA in vivo and were able to show that nucleosomes are not retained on ssDNA, but rather that their eviction is coupled to DNA end resection. Our work is online now at Mol Cell. See here

29/01/21 Julia Bittmann successfully defended her PhD thesis today. Congratulations Dr. Bittmann - well deserved.

13/11/20 Of course it would have been very nice to celebrate the 5th German-French DNA repair meeting in person. But what a fantastic two days we spend in the virtual with terrific, new science. Also, congratulations to the lab's own Lorenzo Galanti for winning one of three awards for best flash-talk presentation.

03/09/20 We are very pleased to have been part of a fantastic collaboration with the Beck and Kosinski lab and see all efforts come tor frutition. The work on in-cell architecture of the nuclear pore and snapshots of its turnover appeared now in Nature. It nicely expands the concepts from previous work by Kenny Lee and Florian Wilfling (see here) and beautifully visualizes turn-over of nuclear pores.

21/08/20 Very proud to see Pfander Lab's first ever Azubi Sandra Mitzkus receiving the Max Planck Society Apprentice Price. Congratulations Sandra and our best wishes for your future. We are sure you will become a kick-ass biochemist!

03/07/20 The MPIB awarded Julia Bittmann with the 2020 Junior Scientist Publication Award for her work on the cell cycle tag technology and the control of nucleases during homologous recombination. Congratuliations, Julia, very proud.

03/07/20 Another JSPA will go to Chia-Wei Lee and Florian Wilfling. Congratulations to them and all awardees.

07/05/20 Our recent grant proposal received funding from the German Research Council (DFG) and will allow Dr. Kalle Reusswig to continue his work on unscheduled DNA replication.

06/05/20 Our new paper on cell cycle tag technology is now online at eLIFE. The advanced cell cycle tag toolbox allows cell cycle restriction with adjusted protein expression and is showcased on the example of cell cycle control of structure-selective endonucleases! Fantastic work - Julia

06/02/20 Our collaborative work from Jentsch, Beck and Pfander labs on the turn-over of nuclear pores is out now in Nat Cell Biol. Selective autophagy degrades nuclear pore complexes

And there is more to come: if you are curious take a look at our preprint: In cell architecture of the nuclear pore complex and snapshots of its turnover

16/09/19 What an exciting meeting on Genome Instability: when RNA meets chromatin in Roskoff, France. Martina and Boris are there to showcase our new work

25/07/19 The Munich chromatin research community gets together for the 10th Chromatin Day with a packed program of highly exciting presentations. Martina Peritore shows off her PhD project.

24/07/19 Kalle Reusswig finishes his PhD with stunning performance during his final exam. Congratulations, Kalle!

05/07/19 The 2019 installment of the MPIB institutes day sees Markus Höpfler presenting his JSPA-awarded work and the Pfander lab "Team Sharkaromyces" winning the Volleyball trophy for the 3rd time! The cup is ours!

26/06/19 A fantastic moment for the lab. Susi Bantele receives the 2019 Otto Hahn Medal by the Max Planck Society for her outstanding PhD work.

28/04/19 Last results from Stefan Jentsch' lab Link@MPI_Biochem reveal that Link#SUMO-targeted Link#ubiquitin Link#ligase Slx5/8 creates conspicuous ‘ubiquitin hotspots’, marking sites of Cdc48-dependent protein turnover on yeast chromatin. Read article by Markus Höpfler et al. Link …

02/04/19 John F. X. Diffley and Bruce Stillman have been awarded the Canada Gairdner Award for Biomedical Research. The lab celebrates.

27/02/19 How do cells count their DNA damage load? DNA damage checkpoint pathways in yeast differentially respond to the quantitative ssDNA signal at DSBs. Have a look at the new Link paper from Susi and Boris: Link

03/02/19 The 2018 installment of labminton (in 2019) sees Kalle overcoming back issues and taking away the trophy.

30/01/19 Genes special issue on "Chromosome Replication and Genome Integrity" with a contribution from the Pfander lab.

13/01/19 Amazing conference on DNA Replication and Genome Integrity organized by Karlene Cimprich, Johannes Walter, Marc O'Connor and Keystone Symposia. Boris presents our new work on consequences of over-replication.

13/11/18 Read an Interview with Boris in the "Laborjournal" - Linkclick (in German).

04/10/18  Lorenzo and Boris wrote a News and Views on two excellent papers by the Ulrich and Pasero labs, published in EMBO J, which clarify how the DNA damage checkpoint and the replication checkpoint collectively safeguard DNA replication.Link Right time, right place - DNA damage and replication checkpoints collectively safeguard S-phase. L. Galanti & B. Pfander (2018). EMBO J. doi: 10.15252/embj.2018100681

20/9/18 Susi defended her PhD thesis with summa cum laude. Congratulations, Doktor Bantele.

17/9/18 The DNA replication community meets in sunny Greece for the EMBO workshop on "DNA replication, chromosome segregation and fate decisions". Kalle Reusswig is representing the Pfander lab.

9/9/18 The German Society for DNA Repair Research (DGDR) meets in Karlsruhe. Very interesting conference - Kalle and Boris went to give two talks representing the DNA replication and repair sides of the lab.

23/07/18 3rd place instead of 3rd win. Pfander lab "Team Sharkaromyces" loses MPIB Volleyball semi final against "Team Conti" and congratulates the worthy new champion.

21/07/18 Gordon Conference on Genomic Instability in Hong Kong - and Julia is there to present her new work on the cell cycle regulation of structure selective nucleases in talk and poster. 

20/07/18 It is "Chromatin Day" - all CRC1064 teams present their work and celebrate Munich-based chromatin research.

03/06/18 Very exciting new EMBO workshop on chromatin dynamics in genome maintenance. Boris was there and gave a talk on our work on repair and signalling at double strand breaks.

23/05/18 Awesome conference on Recombination in London - Boris presented our new story on the cell cycle-control of structure-selective nucleases.

25/04/18 The lab has moved - science continues.

19/02/18  Our 2017 Labminton tournament was delayed... 5th year, 4th winner! Congratulations, Lorenzo.

08/01/18  Our team for LinkCRC1064 is complete. A warm welcome to our new PhD students Martina Peritore and Leonhard Karl. 

17/10/17  With todays symposium, we did what little we could do to commemorate Stefan Jentsch - creative mind and great scientist.

14/09/17  Our new work on cell cycle control of the DNA damage checkpoint is online
LinkA cell cycle-independent mode of the Rad9-Dpb11 interaction is induced by DNA damage
G. di Cicco, S.C.S. Bantele, K.U. Reusswig & B. Pfander (2017). Sci Reports. 7(1):11650. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-11937-z.

30/06/17 Repeat! Team Sharkaromyces celebrates 2nd consecutive triumph in MPIB Volleyball tournament. 

19/06/17  Susi has been awarded this year's Junior Scientists' Publication Award from the MPIB. Congratulations.

26/05/17  The CRC 1064 Link'Chromatin Dynamics' received funding until 2021. We proudly participate with two projects that aim to reveal the characteristics of recombination-permissive and -restrictive states of damaged chromatin. PhD student applications are welcome!

16/05/17  Claudio Lademann from Stefan Jentsch's lab has just published his PhD work on the control of homologous recombination by INO80C – Boris helped as corresponding author.
LinkThe INO80 complex removes H2A.Z to promote presynamptic filament formation during homologous recombination
C.A. Lademann, J. Renkawitz, B. Pfander & S. Jentsch (2017). Cell Reports. 19(7):1294-1303. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.04.051.

17/01/17  We just published our new work on the regulation of the Mus81 resolvase by cell cycle kinases and scaffold proteins:
LinkDbf4-dependent kinase and the Rtt107 scaffold promote Mus81-Mms4 resolvase activation during mitosis
L.N. Princz, P. Wild, J. Bittmann, F.J. Aguado, M.G. Blanco, J. Matos & B. Pfander (2017). EMBO J. doi: 10.15252/embj.201694831.

07/01/17  Our work on DNA end resection, chromatin remodelling and cell cycle control got published today:
LinkTargeting of the Fun30 nucleosome remodeller by the Dpb11 scaffold facilitates cell cycle-regulated DNA end resection. 
S.C.S. Bantele, P. Ferreira, D. Gritenaite, D. Boos, & B. Pfander (2017). eLife. eLife 2017;10.7554/eLife.21687

30/12/16  Susi Bantele was awarded a travel stipend to attend the 2017 Keystone Symposium 'DNA Replication & Recombination'.

04/10/16  Our work on DNA replication control just got published:
LinkRobust Replication Control Is Generated by Temporal Gaps between Licensing and Firing Phases and Depends on Degradation of Firing Factor Sld2.
K.-U. Reusswig, F. Zimmermann, L. Galanti, B. Pfander (2016). Cell Reports. 17(2):556-569. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.09.013.
Have a look at the Linknews article on the MPIB homepage.

16/08/16  Susi Bantele was selected for a talk and travel stipend for the 2016 DGDR conference "DNA repair" in Essen.

20/07/16  Team Sharkaromyces won the MPIB Volleyball Tournament. Congratulations to Susi, Lorenzo, Kalle, Matthias, Dirk and Boris.

13/06/16  Kalle Reußwig won this year's Labminton and stopped Susi's hattrick.

17/12/15  Our collaborative work with Christian Biertümpfel's lab on the structure and function of the Holliday junction resolvase GEN1/Yen1 has been published:
LinkHuman Holliday junction resolvase GEN1 uses a chromodomain for efficient DNA recognition and cleavage.
S.H. Lee, L.N. Princz, M.F. Klügel, B. Habermann, B. Pfander, C. Biertümpfel (2015). Elife. pii:e12256. doi: 10.7554/eLife.12256.

16/12/15  The Springer book LinkThe initiation of DNA replication in eukaryotes edited by Dan Kaplan is out now. We wrote a chapter on LinkRoles of Sld2, Sld3, and Dpb11 in Replication Initiation and contributed to LinkRegulation of the Initiation of DNA Replication upon DNA Damage in Eukaryotes.

20/11/15  Our work on the regulation of nucleosome remodelling at DNA damage sites attracted funding by the German Research Council (DFG).

01/09/15  Newcomers to the lab: Julia Bittmann and Lorenzo Galanti started their PhD. Welcome!

27/07/15  Kalle Reußwig was selected to give a talk about his work on the control of replication initiation at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting "Eukaryotic Replication & Genome Maintenance".

18/05/15  Dalia Gritenaite successfully defended her PhD-thesis. Congratulations Doktor Gritenaite!

15/05/15  Susi Bantele was selected to give a short talk at the 2015 IMB meeting on "DNA Repair and Genome Stability in a Chromatin Environment".

12/12/14   Our review on DNA joint molecule resolution and the response to replication fork stalling is now available online:
LinkThe Slx4-Dpb11 scaffold complex: coordinating the response to replication fork stalling in S-phase and the subsequent mitosis.
L.N. Princz, D. Gritenaite, B. Pfander (2015). Cell Cycle. 14(4):488-494. doi: 10.4161/15384101.2014.989126.

25/11/14  We have become an associated member of the collaborative research cluster SFB1064 "Chromatin Dynamics" and are looking forward to the scientific exchange!

22/09/14  Lissa Princz has just been awarded the Poster Award of the "30th Klenk Symposium on Molecular Medicine" on "DNA Damage Response and Repair Mechanisms in Aging and Disease". Congratulations, Lissa.

04/08/14  Fabian Zimmermann has finished his Diploma-thesis work. Well done!

15/07/14  Our work on cell cycle regulation of the response to stalled replication forks and DNA joint molecule resolution is now published.
LinkA cell cycle-regulated Slx4–Dpb11 complex promotes the resolution of DNA repair intermediates linked to stalled replication.
D. Gritenaite, L.N. Princz, B. Szakal, S.C.S. Bantele, L. Wendeler, S. Schilbach, B.H. Habermann, J. Matos, M. Lisby, D. Branzei, B. Pfander (2014). Genes Dev. 28(14):1604-1619. doi: 10.1101/gad.240515.114. 

14/07/14  Karl-Uwe Reußwig has received a Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (LinkBIF) PhD Fellowship. Congratulations, Kalle!

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