Boris Pfander

Boris Pfander

Research Group DNA Replication & Genome Integrity

DNA Replication, Checkpoints, DNA damage, Posttranslational Modifications, Yeast

The Pfander lab has moved:

Dortmund Life Science Center (DOLCE)
Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Technical University of Dortmund
Otto Hahn Str.6
44227 Dortmund

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In the process of DNA replication, all cells duplicate their DNA so that mother and daughter cells receive the same genetic information during cell division. DNA replication has to be very precise and requires a strict chronological order, as errors can cause changes in genetic information, leading to cancer or other serious diseases. Boris Pfander and his research group "DNA Replication and Genome Integrity" are investigating how to ensure the necessary precision and prevent errors. The scientists combine classical methods of yeast genetics with modern proteome- and genome-wide approaches. One focus of the research group is to find out how DNA replication takes place in the presence of DNA damage and how it is interlocked with DNA repair.


Research Overview
Our lab aims to understand the regulatory mechanisms, which control DNA replication, the principal process, which in every living organism allows an accurate copying and inheritance of the genetic information to the next generation. more
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