Bachelor / Master project in Computer Vision for cryoFIB automation



We have a project opening for a student at Bachelor’s or Master’s level (e.g. Computer science, Computational Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Engineering or related) that is enthusiastic about computers and image processing to look into computer vision for automating this process. The project involves developing simple models from machine learning (e.g. UNet) to enable “intelligent” sample preparation with the cryoFIB, streamlining the workflow. Dataset for the task are already available. The possibility of learning the steps of the cryo-electron tomography workflow is given. The project requires basic knowledge of python. Previous experience in image processing and/or machine learning is advantageous, but not strictly necessary.


Please contact Sven Klumpe klumpe@... for inquiries and further information.


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Klumpe et al. (2021) A modular platform for automating cryoFIB workflows. eLife:

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