Publications 2017

Xiao Z, Gaertner S, Morresi-Hauf A, Genzel R, Duell T, Ullrich A, Knyazev PG. (2017), Metformin Triggers Autophagy to Attenuate Drug-Induced Apoptosis in NSCLC Cells, with Minor Effects on Tumors of Diabetic Patients, Neoplasia. 19(5):385-395

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Publications 2016

Sommer AK, Hermawan A, Mickler FM, Ljepoja B, Knyazev P, Bräuchle C, Ullrich A, Wagner E, Roidl A. (2016), Salinomycin co-treatment enhances tamoxifen cytotoxicity in luminal A breast tumor cells by facilitating lysosomal degradation of receptor tyrosine kinases, Oncotarget 7(31):50461-50476

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Publications 2015

Ulaganathan VK, Sperl B, Rapp UR, Ullrich A. (2015), Germline variant FGFR4  p.G388R exposes a membrane-proximal STAT3 binding site, Nature 528(7583):570-4

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Publications 2014

Pénzes K., Baumann C., Szabadkai I., Orfi L., Kéri G., Ullrich A., Torka R. (2014), Combined inhibition of AXL, Lyn and p130Cas kinases block migration of triple negative breast cancer cells, Cancer Biol Ther 15(11),1571-82

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Publications 2013

Ho HK., Németh G., Ng YR., Pang E., Szántai-Kris C., Zsákai L., Breza N., Greff Z., Horváth Z., Pató J., Szabadkai I., Szokol B., Baska F., Őrfî L., Ullrich A., Kéri G. and Chua BT. (2013), Developing FGFR4 inhibitors as potential anti-cancer agents via in silico design, supported by in vitro and cell-based testing, Curr Med Chem 20, 1203-17

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Gusenbauer S., Vlaicu P., and Ullrich A. (2013), HGF induces novel EGFR functions involved in resistance formation to tyrosine kinase inhibitors, Oncogene 32(33):3846-56  

Publications 2012

Oak PS., Kopp F., Thakur C., Ellwart JW., Rapp UR., Ullrich A., Wagner E., Knyazev P., and Roidl A. (2012), Combinatorial treatment of mammospheres with trastuzumab and salinomycin efficiently targets HER2-positive cancer cells and cancer stem cells, Int J Cancer 131,2808-2819

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Bender C., and Ullrich A. (2012) PRKX, TTBK2 and RSK4 expression causes Sunitinib resistance in kidney carcinoma- and melanoma cell lines. Int J of Cancer 131(2):E45-55

Publications 2011

Alokail MS, Al-Daghri NM, Al-Attas OS, Alkharfy KM, Sabico SB, and Ullrich A.(2011), Visceral obesity and inflammation markers in relation to serum prostate volume biomarkers among apparently healthy men,    Eur. J. Clin. Invest 41,987-94

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Publications 2010

Seitzer, N., Mayr, T., Streit, S. and Ullrich, A. (2010), A single nucleotide change in the mouse genome accelerates breast cancer progression, Cancer Res. 70:802-12

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Reschke M, Ferby I, Stepniak E, Seitzer N, Horst D, Wagner EF, and Ullrich A. (2010), Mitogen-inducible gene-6 is a negative regulator of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in hepatocytes and human hepatocellular carcinoma, Hepatology 51, 1383-90

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