Publications of X. M. Yan

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Journal Article
van Wijk, E.; Kersten, F. F. J.; Kartono, A.; Mans, D. A.; Brandwijk, K.; Letteboer, S. J. F.; Peters, T. A.; Marker, T.; Yan, X. M.; Cremers, C. W. R. J. et al.; Cremers, F. P. M.; Wolfrum, U.; Roepman, R.; Kremer, H.: Usher syndrome and Leber congenital amaurosis are molecularly linked via a novel isoform of the centrosomal ninein-like protein. Human Molecular Genetics 18 (1), pp. 51 - 64 (2009)
Journal Article
Mikolajka, A.; Yan, X. M.; Popowicz, G. M.; Smialowski, P.; Nigg, E. A.; Holak, T. A.: Structure of the N-terminal domain of the FOP (FGFR1OP) protein and implications for its dimerization and centrosomal localization. Journal of Molecular Biology 359 (4), pp. 863 - 875 (2006)
Journal Article
Yan, X. M.; Habedanck, R.; Nigg, E. A.: A complex of two centrosomal proteins, CAP350 and FOP, cooperates with EB1 in microtubule anchoring. Molecular Biology of the Cell 17 (2), pp. 634 - 644 (2006)
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