Publications of H. G. von Ribbeck

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Journal Article
Ganz, T.; Brehm, M.; von Ribbeck, H. G.; van der Weide, D. W.; Keilmann, F.: Vector frequency-comb Fourier-transform spectroscopy for characterizing metamaterials. New Journal of Physics 10, 123007, pp. [1] - [14] (2008)
Journal Article
Ganz, T.; von Ribbeck, H. G.; Brehm, M.; Keilmann, F.: Compact frequency-comb Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer. Optics Communications 281 (14), pp. 3827 - 3830 (2008)
Journal Article
von Ribbeck, H. G.; Brehm, M.; van der Weide, D. W.; Winnerl, S.; Drachenko, O.; Helm, M.; Keilmann, F.: Spectroscopic THz near-field microscope. Optics Express 16 (5), pp. 3430 - 3438 (2008)
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