Publications of Karolina Peplowska

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Journal Article
Metwaly, G. Y.; Wu, Y.; Peplowska, K.; Röhrl, J.; Soh, Y.-M.; Burmann, F.; Gruber, S.; Storchova, Z.: Phospho-regulation of the Shugoshin-Condensin interaction at the centromere in budding yeast. PLoS Genetics 16 (8), e1008569 (2020)
Journal Article
Peplowska, K.; Wallek, A. U.; Storchova, Z.: Sgo1 Regulates Both Condensin and Ipl1/Aurora B to Promote Chromosome Biorientation. PLOS GENETICS 10 (6), e1004411 (2014)
Journal Article
Stingele, S.; Stoehr, G.; Peplowska, K.; Cox, J.; Mann, M.; Storchova, Z.: Global analysis of genome, transcriptome and proteome reveals the response to aneuploidy in human cells. Molecular Systems Biology 8, 608, pp. [1] - [12] (2012)
Journal Article
Peplowska, K.; Becker, J.; Pellman, D.; Storchova, Z.: The function of Bub1 and Sgo1 in chromosome biorientation. European Journal of Cell Biology 89 (Suppl. 60), p. 60 - 60 (2010)
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