Publications of M. Morawetz

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Taschner, M.; Bhogaraju, S.; Vetter, M.; Morawetz, M.; Lorentzen, E.: Biochemical Mapping of Interactions within the Intraflagellar Transport (IFT) B Core Complex IFT52 BINDS DIRECTLY TO FOUR OTHER IFT-B SUBUNITS. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (30), pp. 26344 - 26352 (2011)
Journal Article
Bhogaraju, S.; Taschner, M.; Morawetz, M.; Basquin, C.; Lorentzen, E.: Crystal structure of the intraflagellar transport complex 25/27. EMBO Journal 30 (10), pp. 1907 - 1918 (2011)
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