Publications of Thomas Mayr

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Vlaicu, P.; Mertins, P.; Mayr, T.; Widschwendter, P.; Ataseven, B.; Hogel, B.; Eiermann, W.; Knyazev, P.; Ullrich, A.: Monocytes/macrophages support mammary tumor invasivity by co-secreting lineage-specific EGFR ligands and a STAT3 activator. BMC CANCER 13, 197 (2013)
Journal Article
Tateno, T.; Asa, S. L.; Zheng, L.; Mayr, T.; Ullrich, A.; Ezzat, S.: The FGFR4-G388R Polymorphism Promotes Mitochondrial STAT3 Serine Phosphorylation to Facilitate Pituitary Growth Hormone Cell Tumorigenesis. PLoS Genetics 7 (12), e1002400, p. e1002400 - e1002400 (2011)
Journal Article
Seitzer, N.; Mayr, T.; Streit, S.; Ullrich, A.: A Single Nucleotide Change in the Mouse Genome Accelerates Breast Cancer Progression. Cancer Research 70 (2), pp. 802 - 812 (2010)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Ulaganathan, V. K.; Sperl, B.; Mayr, T.; Hornberger, R.; Rapp, U. R.; Ullrich, A.: A gain of function by the cancer-associated FGFR4 c. 1162G>A (p. Gly388Arg) variant. In EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, 50 (Suppl. 5), 446, pp. S107 - S108. ELSEVIER SCI LTD, THE BOULEVARD, LANGFORD LANE, KIDLINGTON, OXFORD OX5 1GB, OXON, ENGLAND (2014)
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