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Journal Article (19)

Journal Article
Ecke, M.; Prassler, J.; Gerisch, G.: Genetic Instability Due to Spindle Anomalies Visualized in Mutants of Dictyostelium. Cells 10 (9), 2240 (2021)
Journal Article
Bindl, J.; Molnar, E. S.; Ecke, M.; Prassler, J.; Mueller-Taubenberger, A.; Gerisch, G.: Unilateral Cleavage Furrows in Multinucleate Cells. CELLS 9 (6), 1493 (2020)
Journal Article
Ecke, M.; Prassler, J.; Tanribil, P.; Mueller-Taubenberger, A.; Koerber, S.; Faix, J.; Gerisch, G.: Formins specify membrane patterns generated by propagating actin waves. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 31 (5), pp. 373 - 385 (2020)
Journal Article
Gerisch, G.; Prassler, J.; Butterfield, N.; Ecke, M.: Actin Waves and Dynamic Patterning of the Plasma Membrane. YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 92 (3), pp. 397 - 411 (2019)
Journal Article
Jasnin, M.; Beck, F.; Ecke, M.; Fukuda, Y.; Martinez Sanchez, A.; Baumeister, W.; Gerisch, G.: The Architecture of Traveling Actin Waves Revealed by Cryo-Electron Tomography. STRUCTURE 27 (8), pp. 1211 - 1223.e5 (2019)
Journal Article
Helenius, J.; Ecke, M.; Mueller, D. J.; Gerisch, G.: Oscillatory Switches of Dorso-Ventral Polarity in Cells Confined between Two Surfaces. Biophysical Journal 115 (1), pp. 150 - 162 (2018)
Journal Article
Jasnin, M.; Ecke, M.; Baumeister, W.; Gerisch, G.: Actin Organization in Cells Responding to a Perforated Surface, Revealed by Live Imaging and Cryo-Electron Tomography. Structure 24 (7), pp. 1031 - 1043 (2016)
Journal Article
Lange, M.; Prassler, J.; Ecke, M.; Mueller-Taubenberger, A.; Gerisch, G.: Local Ras activation, PTEN pattern, and global actin flow in the chemotactic responses of oversized cells. Journal of Cell Science 129 (18), pp. 3462 - 3472 (2016)
Journal Article
Gerhardt, M.; Ecke, M.; Walz, M.; Stengl, A.; Beta, C.; Gerisch, G.: Actin and PIP3 waves in giant cells reveal the inherent length scale of an excited state. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 127 (20), pp. 4507 - 4517 (2014)
Journal Article
Heinrich, D.; Ecke, M.; Jasnin, M.; Engel, U.; Gerisch, G.: Reversible Membrane Pearling in Live Cells upon Destruction of the Actin Cortex. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 106 (5), pp. 1079 - 1091 (2014)
Journal Article
Gerisch, G.; Ecke, M.; Neujahr, R.; Prassler, J.; Stengl, A.; Hoffmann, M.; Schwarz, U. S.; Neumann, E.: Membrane and actin reorganization in electropulse-induced cell fusion. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 126 (9), pp. 2069 - 2078 (2013)
Journal Article
Gerisch, G.; Schroth-Diez, B.; Müller-Taubenberger, A.; Ecke, M.: PIP3 Waves and PTEN Dynamics in the Emergence of Cell Polarity. Biophysical Journal 103 (6), pp. 1170 - 1178 (2012)
Journal Article
Gerisch, G.; Ecke, M.; Wischnewski, D.; Schroth-Diez, B.: Different modes of state transitions determine pattern in the Phosphatidylinositide-Actin system. BMC Cell Biology 12, 42, pp. [1] - [15] (2011)
Journal Article
Schroth-Diez, B.; Gerwig, S.; Ecke, M.; Hegerl, R.; Diez, S.; Gerisch, G.: Propagating waves separate two states of actin organization in living cells. HFSP Journal 3 (6), pp. 412 - 427 (2009)
Journal Article
Bretschneider, T.; Anderson, K.; Ecke, M.; Müller-Taubenberger, A.; Schroth-Diez, B.; Ishikawa-Ankerhold, H. C.; Gerisch, G.: The Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Actin Waves, a Model of Cytoskeletal Self-Organization. Biophysical Journal 96 (7), pp. 2888 - 2900 (2009)
Journal Article
Gerisch, G.; Ecke, M.; Schroth-Diez, B.; Gerwig, S.; Engel, U.; Maddera, L.; Clarke, M.: Self-organizing actin waves as planar phagocytic cup structures. Cell Adhesion &[and] Migration 3 (4), pp. 373 - 382 (2009)
Journal Article
Medalia, O.; Beck, M.; Ecke, M.; Weber, I.; Neujahr, R.; Baumeister, W.; Gerisch, G.: Organization of actin networks in intact filopodia. Current Biology 17 (1), pp. 79 - 84 (2007)
Journal Article
Beck, M.; Förster, F.; Ecke, M.; Plitzko, J. M.; Melchior, F.; Gerisch, G.; Baumeister, W.; Medalia, O.: Nuclear pore complex structure and dynamics revealed by cryoelectron tomography. Science 306 (5700), pp. 1387 - 1390 (2004)
Journal Article
Gerisch, G.; Bretschneider, T.; Müller-Taubenberger, A.; Simmeth, E.; Ecke, M.; Diez, S.; Anderson, K.: Mobile actin clusters and traveling waves in cells recovering from actin depolymerization. Biophysical Journal 87 (5), pp. 3493 - 3503 (2004)

Book Chapter (3)

Book Chapter
Prassler, J.; Simon, F.; Ecke, M.; Gruber, S.; Gerisch, G.: Decision Making in Phagocytosis. In: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Phagocytosis: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (Band 1246), Vol. 1246, pp. 71 - 81 (Ed. Hallett, M. B.). Springer International Publishing, Cham (2020)
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