Publications of D. Du

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Journal Article
Du, D.; Pedersen, E.; Wang, Z. P.; Karlsson, R.; Chen, Z. J.; Wu, X. W.; Brakebusch, C.: Cdc42 is crucial for the maturation of primordial cell junctions in keratinocytes independent of Rac1. Experimental Cell Research 315 (8), pp. 1480 - 1489 (2009)
Journal Article
Wang, Y. G.; Du, D.; Fang, L. H.; Yang, G.; Zhang, C. Y.; Zeng, R.; Ullrich, A.; Lottspeich, F.; Chen, Z. J.: Tyrosine phosphorylated Par3 regulates epithelial tight junction assembly promoted by EGFR signaling. EMBO Journal 25 (21), pp. 5058 - 5070 (2006)
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