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Gebhardt, A.; Bergant, V.; Schnepf, D.; Moser, M.; Meiler, A.; Togbe, D.; Mackowiak, C.; Reinert, L.; Paludan, S. R.; Ryffel, B. et al.; Stukalov, A.; Staeheli, P.; Pichlmair, A.: The alternative cap-binding complex is required for antiviral defense in vivo. PLOS PATHOGENS 15 (12), e1008155 (2019)
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Hubel, P.; Urban, C.; Bergant, V.; Schneider, W. M.; Knauer, B.; Stukalov, A.; Scaturro, P.; Mann, A.; Brunotte, L.; Hoffmann, H. H. et al.; Schoggins, J. W.; Schwemmle, M.; Mann, M.; Rice, C. M.; Pichlmair, A.: A protein-interaction network of interferon-stimulated genes extends the innate immune system landscape. Nature Immunology 20 (4), pp. 493 - 502 (2019)
Journal Article
Scaturro, P.; Stukalov, A.; Haas, D. A.; Cortese, M.; Draganova, K.; Plaszczyca, A.; Bartenschlager, R.; Goetz, M.; Pichlmair, A.: An orthogonal proteomic survey uncovers novel Zika virus host factors. Nature 561 (7722), pp. 253 - 257 (2018)
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Khamina, K.; Lercher, A.; Caldera, M.; Schliehe, C.; Vilagos, B.; Sahin, M.; Kosack, L.; Bhattacharya, A.; Majek, P.; Stukalov, A. et al.; Sacco, R.; James, L. C.; Pinschewer, D. D.; Bennett, K. L.; Menche, J.; Bergthaler, A.: Characterization of host proteins interacting with the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus L protein. PLoS Pathogens 13 (12), e1006758 (2017)
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Hörmann, K.; Stukalov, A.; Müller, A. C.; Heinz, L. X.; Superti-Furga, G.; Colinge, J.; Bennettt, K. L.: A Surface Biotinylation Strategy for Reproducible Plasma Membrane Protein Purification and Tracking of Genetic and Drug-Induced Alterations. JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH 15 (2), pp. 647 - 658 (2016)
Journal Article
Mazouzi, A.; Stukalov, A.; Müller, A. C.; Chen, D.; Wiedner, M.; Prochazkova, J.; Chiang, S.-C.; Schuster, M.; Breitwieser, F. P.; Pichlmair, A. et al.; El-Khamisy, S. F.; Bock, C.; Kralovics, R.; Colinge, J.; Bennett, K. L.; Loizou, J. I.: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Dynamic Response to Aphidicolin-Mediated Replication Stress Uncovers Targets for ATM and ATMIN. CELL REPORTS 15 (4), pp. 893 - 908 (2016)
Journal Article
Stukalov, A.; Pichlmair, A.: Gambling with Flu: "All in'' to Maximize Reward. CELL HOST & MICROBE 18 (6), pp. 643 - 645 (2015)
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