SUSANNE RIEDER– Away with the comfort zone

Exhibition from 01.04.2024 to 21.05.2024

The Finissage will take place on 21.04.2024 at 19 pm in the foyer of the main building. (Please register by 08.05.2024 at the artist)

The exhibition is open to external visitors.

Susanne Rieder: "Away with the comfort zone" Acrylic paintings and collages

The works on display deal with situations in the lives of humans and animals that require courage. Like the small fish in the collage "Not today...", which faces a threatening crowd of piranhas and irritates them and keeps them at bay simply by not fleeing. Next to it, its conspecifics flee from a single animal.

In the collage series "Woman", a number of women show their courage by proudly presenting the viewer with an almost grotesque array of objects and animals, such as a protruding hat on their heads. Larger-format works deal with scenes of a silent fantasy world to be discovered; an aged octopus seems to be waiting for the visitor to observe it.  In "Fearless", a sea turtle bravely makes its way through the shallows of the sea. Everyone has to leave their comfort zone in order to make progress.

The title of the exhibition also describes the visitor's path through the foyer of the Max Planck Institute. Alongside precisely crafted and intricately composed paper collages hang large-format acrylic works that have to be viewed from a distance in order to appreciate them. Visitors thus repeatedly step back and then approach the works again.

Nevertheless, the connections between the works in terms of content and color create a homogeneous exhibition that moves through the room like a large wave. Visitors also have to perform this wave movement and thus remain in motion, being repeatedly torn out of their comfort zone.


About the artist

Susanne Rieder (*1970 in Munich), Landsberg am Lech district.

After studying cultural economics in Passau, the painter initially worked as a museologist at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and then moved to Spain in 2000, where she worked in an art nouveau museum. After attending the Aljafra art school in Madrid, she became a freelance artist in Salamanca, Spain, in 2004, where she lived until 2011.  She organized painting exhibitions and worked for the city of Salamanca, producing acrylic paintings and watercolours of historical buildings.

She returned to Germany in 2012 and has also been working with paper techniques (collage) since 2023. She has been teaching art at a grammar school in Bavaria since 2017 and was accepted into the Landsberg am Lech Artists' Guild last year.

Duration of the exhibition and opening hours

From Monday the 01.04.2024 to Tuesday the 21.05.2024, Monday to Sunday from 8 am to midnight (holidays as well)


Finissage on 21.05.2024 at 19 pm in the foyer of the main building

Please register by 08.05.2024 at rieder.susanne@..


Visitors please register at the main entrance at the reception. Please follow the instructions of the security staff.

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