Susana Gonzalo - SEIEND

July 27, 2021
Exhibition from 02.08.2021 to 30.09.2021. Due to the current situation, the exhibition is not open to external visitors and is exclusively accessible to the staff of the MPI for Biochemistry and the MPI for Neurobiology.


SUSANA GONZALO shows after 20+1 years again her works in the reception hall of the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry.



The image of the human being has the longest tradition in art, as our own body is the centre of our own experience of the world. Our world view is most intimately connected with our human existence.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the image of man has been a motif in all peoples since the origin of all arts.

Every human being is unique and, except for elementary bodily sensations, eludes general description. We are a product of our nature and only in this can we find the authentic joys of our existence. Today's loss of value of the human being is creeping inexorably into all areas of our society. Individuals and their relationships are regulated, standardised and institutionalised, and this willing self-alienation awakens in me the need to counteract it with my work.

The acrylic paintings elude a programmatic description. I work without brushes and prefer wooden sticks, sometimes broken or frayed, occasionally spatulas.

The roughness of these tools results in inaccuracies and leaves room for controlled chance, allowing the diversity in the expression of the human to emerge more clearly.

Through deliberate blurring, she seeks to awaken the viewer's personal sensibilities and stimulate an engagement with their own nature.

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