Inge Jakobsen - Painting squared

Exhibition from March 28 until May 17, 2019

Dual Thinking

My works are large-scale, non-figurative and consist of strict forms and surfaces and combine in a multiform vocabulary of forms opposites such as painterly sensitivity with a formal rigor. In an interplay between colored surfaces and energetic forms, compositions emerge, sometimes fighting, sometimes orderly, sometimes dormant and often create dramatic imaginary spaces and vibrating color oscillations.

The starting point was partly the idea of ​​an underlying harmony and then again the struggle as an expression of the duality of life, light and shadow. Since 1995, I have captured impressions of nature and ideas in my workbooks, abstracting and refining them into non-figurative compositions, autonomous images and, since 2016, also to objects.

The serial work with black and white has been accompanying me since 1996, when the first abstract black landscapes were created. Over the years, this processual form of painting has led me to a concrete language of form, which has its own principle of order. A dual organizing principle of Logical Thinking and Lyrical Sensation, Calculus and Emotion, Black and White: My pictures emerge in a kind of puzzle from the extreme contrasts, such as Picturesque versus Form, Silence against Movement, Suspense against the dormant, Dramatic against Harmonic.

In my last works, which are partly made of wood, partly built as a shaped canvas, the dual theme reappears in the "Complementarity". 2 forms are linked to each other, but can have a completely different effect through a different perspective. The basis for these works are many years of applied color theory. I feel my pictures and objects as arithmetic, riddles or cabal that must rise. They are a kind of poetic logic and they are not classic Concrete in their language, rather idiosyncratic and I am always happy when they can surprise me.

Vernissage: March 28, 2019 at 6 p.m.
Opening hours from 8am to 8pm daily, entrance free

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