TATYANA VON LEYS Connections - Posthuman Studies & Molecular Art

Exhibition from 25.05.2024 to 05.07.2024

The exhibition will be on display in our entrance area from 25.05.24 - 05.07.2024.
External visitors to the exhibition should register at the reception desk.

Connections Posthuman Studies & Molecular Art

The works of Tatyana von Leys represent a wide field of ever new influences: Transhumanism, technical posthumanism, critical posthumanism are three cultural and philosophical movements with which the artist has been engaged for years and whose ideas are reflected in her works on canvas. Tatyana von Leys has set herself the task of combining the different genres of art, science and philosophy in a playful way.

The selection of paintings for this exhibition shows Tatyana von Leys' fascination with molecular biology: A colorful interplay of figurative works and small particles, molecules.

Transhumanism aims to improve the human condition with the help of science and technology - keywords: Genome editing, cyborgization, mind uploading and artificial super intelligence. Biotechnology plays a major role in this, which is expressed in the works of Tatyana von Leys through detailed paintings of molecular biology.

Distorted portraits from the history of art and faithful reproductions from molecular biology create a multi-faceted tension, out of which the artist's exhibition "Connections" creates an interweaving of such different worlds:

  • The beauty of molecules and the fascination of sub-cellular structures in connection with figurative representations.
  • Inner and outer patterns - characteristics that determine life here on earth.
  • Connections - in the sense that everything is connected to everything.

In her contemporary cycle of portraits and works from the field of molecular biology, Tatyana von Leys offers us an impressive wealth of interpretations and points of view in modification and connection to trans- and posthumanism.

A humorous perspective in Tatyana's representations of figures is not to be overlooked, and it is worthwhile to take a closer look at her work.


About the artist

Tatyana von Leys was born in Innsbruck/ Austria. She has lived in Imst, Innsbruck, Nice, Vienna, Munich and for several years now at Lake Tegernsee.After graduating from business school, she studied French in Nice and was a visiting student in philosophy. This awakened her mind to the concepts of Spinoza, Baudrillard, Derrida and others.Since 1989 Tatyana von Leys has presented her works in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

She works as a portrait painter, appeared as an invited panelist on the occasion of a panel discussion at Kunsthaus Graz 2022 on the topic: "The Future of the Body" and is in great demand for public and private acquisitions due to her expertise.

Tatyana von Leys regularly enriches various literary magazines with interesting articles about her work. Her book 'Das kleine Buch zum neuen Denken', published in 2018 and presented as part of Vienna Art Week, was named Book of the Month for December 2018 by "transform - das Magazin für den digitalen Wandel".Further texts about the artist Tatyana von Leys can be found in art magazines such as "Modern art Times", Galerie Krinzinger/ Vienna, "Kunstleben Berlin", "Tagree-magazine" and others. 

Duration of the exhibition and opening hours

From the 25.05.2024 to Tuesday the 05.07.2024, Monday to Sunday from 8 am to midnight (holidays as well)



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Visitors please register at the main entrance at the reception. Please follow the instructions of the security staff.

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