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    Journal Article
    Burgold, J.; Schulz-Trieglaff, E. K.; Voelkl, K.; Gutierrez-Angel, S.; Bader, J. M.; Hosp, F.; Mann, M.; Arzberger, T.; Klein, R.; Liebscher, S. et al.; Dudanova, I.: Cortical circuit alterations precede motor impairments in Huntington's disease mice. Scientific Reports 9 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Hartmann, H.; Hornburg, D.; Czuppa, M.; Bader, J.; Michaelsen, M.; Farny, D.; Arzberger, T.; Mann, M.; Meissner, F.; Edbauer, D.: Proteomics and C9orf72 neuropathology identify ribosomes as poly-GR/PR interactors driving toxicity. Life Science Alliance 1 (2) (2018)
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