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Ashcroft, A. E.; Brinker, A.; Coyle, J. E.; Weber, F.; Kaiser, M.; Moroder, L.; Parsons, M. R.; Jager, J.; Hartl, F. U.; Hayer-Hartl, M. et al.; Radford, S. E.: Structural plasticity and noncovalent substrate binding in the GroEL apical domain - A study using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and fluorescence binding studies. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (36), pp. 33115 - 33126 (2002)
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Okamoto, K.; Brinker, A.; Paschen, S. A.; Moarefi, I.; Hayer-Hartl, M.; Neupert, W.; Brunner, M.: The protein import motor of mitochondria: a targeted molecular ratchet driving unfolding and translocation. EMBO Journal 21 (14), pp. 3659 - 3671 (2002)
Journal Article
Brinker, A.; Scheufler, C.; von der Mülbe, F.; Fleckenstein, B.; Herrmann, C.; Jung, G.; Moarefi, I.; Hartl, F. U.: Ligand discrimination by TPR domains - Relevance and selectivity of EEVD-recognition in Hsp70 x Hop x Hsp90 complexes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (22), pp. 19265 - 19275 (2002)
Journal Article
Barral, J. M.; Hutagalung, A. H.; Brinker, A.; Hartl, F. U.; Epstein, H. F.: Role of the myosin assembly protein UNC-45 as a molecular chaperone for myosin. Science 295 (5555), pp. 669 - 671 (2002)
Journal Article
Brinker, A.; Pfeifer, G.; Kerner, M.J.; Naylor, D.J.; Hartl, F. U.; Hayer-Hartl, M. K.: Dual Function of Protein Confinement in Chaperonin-assisted Protein Folding. Cell 107 (2), pp. 223 - 233 (2001)
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