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  1. 1.
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  2. 2.
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  3. 3.
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  4. 4.
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  5. 5.
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  6. 6.
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  7. 7.
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  8. 8.
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  9. 9.
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  10. 10.
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  11. 11.
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  12. 12.
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  13. 13.
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  14. 14.
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  15. 15.
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  16. 16.
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  17. 17.
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  18. 18.
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  19. 19.
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Buchkapitel (1)

  1. 20.
    Rigort, A.; Villa, E.; Bäuerlein, F. J. B.; Engel, B. D.; Plitzko, J. M.: Integrative Approaches for Cellular Cryo-electron Tomography: Correlative Imaging and Focused Ion Beam Micromachining. In: Methods in Cell Biology; Vol. 111, Bd. 111, S. 259 - 281. Academic Press, San Diego (2012)
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