Dr. Julia von Blume
Dr. Julia von Blume
Group Leader
Phone:+49 89 8578-2466

Molecular Basis of Protein Trafficking

Research Group "Molecular Basis of Protein Trafficking"

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Golgi Apparatus - a Distribution Center for Proteins

The maintenance of cellular homeostasis and cell-cell communication requires transport of newly synthesized proteins to their final destination within or outside the cell. The Golgi Apparatus is the major sorting organelle of the eukaryotic cell. Proteins that enter the Golgi are either destined to reside there or packaged into various transport carriers en route to their final fates. Despite the fundamental importance of protein sorting in the Golgi, little is known about the molecular mechanism of this process. The group aims to understand 1) how secretory cargo is sorted to its correct destination while luminal Golgi residents are maintained in the compartment, 2) how impaired trafficking of cell-cell contact components result in skin pathology.

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